Mr. Rajendra Taneja


Suppose you are suffering from Headache and Migraine. These problems came under the North-West direction. As North-West is the area related to Head and Brain.

As a remedy as per Feng Shui, use the following in North-West direction of your Bed (under matress), bedroom, building, office and plot.





  1. Under North-West side Matress of your Bed place white Handkerchief with Grey boundries. You can make Design of 6 Half Moon also on white Handkerchief.
  2. North-West corner of your bedroom should be free from any dustbin, shoes or clutter.
  3. Place 6 artificial white colour flowers in Metal flower pot in North-West corner of your room.
  4. White or Pink flowers can also be planted in North-West side of your Garden.
  5. You can wear Pearl (Gem) in finger.

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